Nothing beats camping

Nothing beats camping
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Custom Orthotics

This is a common topic among podiatrists.  Most patients feel their podiatrist uses these as an easy source of income.  While this is true, some foot doctors do use these as an easy source of income, there acutally are cases of when they are essential, especially when it comes to runners with symptomatic issues, or the obese with foot, knee and back issues.  Or, even the slender individual with one leg longer than another and requires a lift to take pressure off his back.  I use orthotics myself and i am 6' 1" and 195.  I am a runner and if i try to run without then,  I notice a difference.  I wear newton running shoes and use my orthotics in them as well, i can run without them, but with them is more comfortable.  Don't waste your $$ and time purchasing orthotics from grocery stores, in the end it will COST you more.  If it comes to shoes or orthotics for running pain free.  it's been my experience with patients, they do better with a cheaper shoe but with custom orthotics.  if you have questions, feel free to email.

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