Nothing beats camping

Nothing beats camping
What an amazing camping trip in Wyoming

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazed at People and how they treat their bodies

I was walking through a local grocery store in brigham city the other day, when i saw one of my diabetic patients.  He  is obese, has ulcers on his legs and no feeling, in other words he has neuropathy.  I have spent endless visits with him discussing nutrition, healthy diet, weight management and drinking plenty of water.  I emphasized to him that diet is even more important than exercise.  He didn't see me and I wanted it that way so i could see his shopping habits.  I was amazed,  he was loading in his shopping cart, case after case of "diet" and "regular soda".  I also noticed his cart was full of donut boxes and just plain junk food. 
I am often times asked by fellow doctors, "dr shippee, don't you worry you will hurt someones feeling by discussing someones' weight and diet with them?" 
MY ANSWER IS NO.  If I didn't care I would not bring it up with them.  I guess it is easier to ignor the patient but where does that get us? just perpetuates the problem.  But seeing my patient just proved to me that it takes endless concern on my side to help my patients.

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