Nothing beats camping

Nothing beats camping
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HOKA and NEWTON, the verdict is in, well according to me..

I receive many emails from my website asking me which shoe I like the most. 
Initially it was only Newton, now i have to add Hoka to my tool belt.  BUT, everybody is different and i will say, "Newtons are not for everyone and Hokas' are not for everyone."  I selectively recommend these shoes to patients according to their running intensity level, if they are obese or skinny, if whey have any other health problems.  Hokas' are great for obese individuals who would like to walk, but in my obese runners i have seen them pronate excessively, it is not the fault of the shoe, its the individual who needs more medial support of the shoe to prevent genu valgum.  They are also great for the non-obese individuals who want a VERY COMFORTABLE SHOE FOR RUNNING.
 Newtons' are great for patients who have a history of back or hip pain and want to get back into running ( i am a actual testimony to this).  I took my new hokas' for a 5 mile run today and i felt great, no knee, hip or back pain, i love these shoes.  Now this does not mean i like them more than newtons, I prefer them equally.   I did however like the Hokas' while running downhill more than my newtons running downhill.
as always,
enjoy the run
dr shippee

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